Weekly Update: Feb 10-14

 In English II Honors

This week students worked on Unit 2 of their vocabulary. There is a quiz on Friday.

Next week is only 4 days, so there will be no vocabulary. We will have one more vocabulary unit before the test (on all 5 units) which will be on March 3rd.

This week students are reading Chapters 25-29 of Great Expectations.  Instead of answering comprehension questions, students will write an essay on Friday, using textual evidence from the chapters they were assigned.  The assignment is on Google Classroom.

This week in Common Lit, in honor of Black History Month, students read Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”. There will be no Common Lit next week.

We have conferences coming up! I am working with the students to write ILPs that reflect their goals for the future and how English class will help them reach their goals.  Please discuss the importance of reading and writing in your own job with your student at home.  Sometimes students believe that the skills they are learning at school will never apply in “the real world”.