January 27-31st

 In Scholars Prep Language Arts 8th

This week we have a speaker coming to San Tan! Hadassah Baldinger is speaking to our 8th and 10th grade students about her family experience with the Holocaust. Both of her parents became orphans in Czechoslovakia and many of her family members perished. Her story is both moving and a powerful testament to courage. If you wish to join us the speaker arrives at 10am on January 31st.

This week students began their second vocabulary unit. They will have a quiz testing the ten words from this unit on Friday. Please use <a href=”http://www.vocabularyroots.com/”>Vocabulary Roots</a> for extra practice if desired. We are on level VIII, Lesson 2.

Great Expectations

This week students should read Chapters 15-19.  Students have comprehension questions to complete by Friday.

Common Lit:

Students read the short story “A Jury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell last week for their Common Lit assignment.  Students struggled with the questions about symbolism and foreshadowing.  I am planning to re-teach these concepts next week.

ILP Goals (Individualize Learning Plan)
Studies have shown that students who understand their achievement and make their own goals are more likely to be successful. This week I will be working with the students to develop a meaningful ILP goal for English class. Please discuss your student’s future goals with them. Do they want to go to college? Are they interested in a trade? Reading comprehension and writing are essential skills for most careers. I would like to help my students relate their goals to both what we are learning in class, and to the future that they want for themselves.