Week of April 20th-21st

 In English II Honors, Scholars Prep Language Arts 8th

ello Students!

This week we will begin writing your literary analysis paper. I have included assignments for each step. Please feel free to contact me for one on one help if you need it. I am available most days from 9-3, so just shoot me an email.

From now on, in order to receive credit on your work, you need to earn a 70% or greater. You can resubmit work that is lower than a 70% with no penalty. Your grade will not suffer, but you will not have the opportunity to raise it with scores below a 70%.  You are welcome to resubmit assignments.  I will make a note in IC if you need to resubmit an assignment.  You can also check Google Classroom for notes.

This week you need to complete:
Thesis Statement
Body Paragraph Evidence

Have a great week!
Ms. Jungkind