Week of May 4th-8th

 In English II Honors, Scholars Prep Language Arts 8th

We only have 13 days of home based instruction left. Keep up the good work.

I will be grading your papers this week. If you get over a 70% I will give you full credit on IC. If you score lower than a 70% you are welcome to resubmit.

This week we will be looking at the concept of justice in literature. There are two short stories for you to read and answer questions. Then you will write a short 3 paragraph response to the idea of justice in both stories. Please make sure you use evidence from the text in your response. You have a Flocabulary assignment as well.

As we approach the final days of school, I would like you all to check your grades. If you have any questions, if there is work that hasn’t been graded, or you believe there is an error, please send me an email.
The email must contain:
– The date the assignment was due on IC.
– The title of the assignment on IC.
– Your question, concern, correction.

If you just send me an email like:
My grade is wrong. Please fix it as soon as possible.
You made a mistake on my Common Lit. I need you to regrade it.
My paper has the wrong grade on IC.

I will not be able to help you.

If you send me an email like:
Ms. Jungkind,
I turned in my Common Lit, CL5 due on 2/12. Would you please grade it?
I turned in my paper- W1- Odyssey Essay- due 2/21- on Google Classroom. Could you look to see if it is turned in? Would you please grade it?
Super Awesome Student

I will be able to help you.

Please send all requests for revisions, regrading, etc. by May 15th. I will respond to your requests in the order I receive them. Please keep in mind, due to volume, and current grading, that it might take some time to get a response.

Hope you all are staying healthy!
Ms. Jungkind