Week of April 14-17

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Great Job on Week 2!

I am so encouraged to see so many students working hard from home!  In order to help with questions I am offering office hours once a week.  My students can go to Google Meet at the appropriate time and put in the code for their class. They will have the same code each week.  I will post the times and codes for the meetings on Google Classroom.

You can feel free to email me with any questions you might have.  You will probably get the fastest response emailing me directly. If you leave a comment on an assignment there is a chance I won’t see it until I grade the assignment, which would probably not be fast enough.

Students will read Part II (Chapter 2) of Anthem.  They will also read an article about love at first sight.  I am happy to meet with any student one-on-one in Google Meet if they are having trouble with the text.  You can also use websites that provide insight and summaries.



Both websites can be helpful when you are having trouble understanding the text. I would recommend that you read the summary and then read the text if you are having difficulty.  Remember that Activelylearn.com will read the chapters to you as well. 

There is a Youtube recording, perfectly legal, of the entire book.


There is also a graphic novel turned cartoon.